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Next Time Bring Snacks - Erotic Interlude
June 11th, 2012
06:57 pm


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Next Time Bring Snacks
Title: Next Time Bring Snacks
Author: Me
Word Count :1190
Warnings: NC-17, Doctor/Patient (Sorry if the editing isn't perfect)
Summary: Being in the hospital isn't always boring.....

Andrew watched as she closed the door behind her and turned to him. He was lying on his bed, just watching the gentle sway of her hips as she walked towards him, all bronze skin, chocolate eyes and honey wheat hair. He wished she’d wear her hair down; he’d love to be able to run his fingers through it, but for work she had to keep it up and so today it was in a severe French braid, making her cheek bones stand out more.

“Mr. Dakos, how are you feeling today?” She asked, her white doctor’s coat swirling around the bright pink scrubs those on his floor were required to wear.

He sat up, pulling his blankets around his waist, so they were playing that game today, were they?

“Not, bad I am sure I can go home soon.” He said with a grin, knowing that it was a lie. He had been admitted to the psych ward for attempting to commit suicide and they were not likely to allow him to leave until he passed all their exams.

“Well I see you’ve been contributing in group therapy and taking all of your medications, though your nurses complain about your attitude.” She sat on the edge of his bed and placed a hand lightly on his calf, his skin tingled, under the blanket, at her touch.

“Only you make me feel better Doc,” He sat up, so that they were only inches from each other. She wet her lips with her tongue, causing parts of him to thicken and applaud loudly.

“I really shouldn’t be here...” She murmured, leaning into him, smelling peppermint on his breath.

Kara Alcott, a.k.a the attending physician of the Psych Ward had broken more rules since Andrew Dakos had been admitted to her care then she wanted to admit. Roughly the same age, there had been a lingering attraction since the first time she had seen him in his one-on-one therapy session that first day. His golden skin and blonde hair had only been the start of a career ending affair.

“But you want to be, you want me to touch you just as much as I want to.” His voice was low, soft as his arms snaked out to drag her against him.

“I do, but it is so wrong for me to take advantage of you.” She whispered against his mouth, his hands running all over her scrubs, fingers playing with the skin just inside her waist band.

“Maybe you’re not, maybe I am taking advantage of you,” his voice sounded a little cruel as he swung out of bed, standing in front of her naked, and erect, he gripped her pants, yanking them off, throwing them on the floor.

“Naughty, doctor, you’re not even wearing panties.” He chuckled at her sudden blush.

“I didn’t want anything between us.” She explained.

Kara kicked off her shoes just in time for Andrew to push her back on the hospital bed, the bright fluorescent lights blinding her.

“Fucking you is keeping me sane Doc.” He growled, climbing on top of her.

Kara knew it was horrible of her to want her patient, knew if anyone found out she’d lose her job, and her license. However, when she was home, alone in her flat all she could think about was Andrew. She wasn’t a romantic, a relationship could not develop from their sick and twisted coupling, but it didn’t make her want him less.

“Am I your medicine then?” She asked, panting as his hand moved under her shirt, shoving under her bra to grasp, heatedly, at her breasts.

“I don’t know about medicine, but you are a drug,” he grunted, pushing against her in passion filled state.

She moaned as she felt his fingers slip between her thighs. She arched her back as his fingers parted her, sliding deep inside her to stroke her sensitive nub.

Andrew’s shaft became hard and rigid, pressed against her soft, feverish skin. He cupped her breasts, fingers rubbing over her nipples, making them hard with want.

Quickly sliding three fingers into her hotness he realized she wasn’t quite wet enough or open enough for him yet, but he didn’t mind, he would make her sopping for him.

“How much time do we have?” He muttered the question in her ear, his breath against her skin making her writhe beneath him even more.

“The nurses are not due to check on you,” she gasped as he increased the pace of his hand against her flesh, “for another fifteen minutes.”

Kara moaned into his neck and pumped her hips in time with his thrusting fingers, loving the feel of them scraping and pushing against her. Feeling herself gush with fluids she knew her first orgasm was just beyond her reach, straining against him, he moved his fingers faster, dying to make her cum. The orgasm erupted inside of her, making her shiver and tighten lightly around him.

“That’s my girl.” Andrew whispered, sliding his fingers out and lifting her hips up. He opened her thighs and impaled her on his hard erect penis. He plunged into her fast and rough.

She cried out, as she drew in more air he covered her mouth with his hand, enjoying the sensation of her teeth in his skin as she showed him just how much he affected her. Tossing her head back, breath forced from her body, she began moving in time with his thrusts. She clenched around him, loving how he felt beating against her cervix. Kara wished he could hear all the sounds she was trying to make, but they couldn’t risk being found, being caught.

He closed his eyes tight as he fought for control. Kara moved like her body was hot and ready, like she was ready to come, riding him as he pounded into her. He moved faster, feeling his orgasm about to burn through him.

Andrew forced himself deeper into Kara, his mouth fastened around one of her breasts, suckling her, shooting arousal all over her skin, hands buried in the bed, gripping the sterile white sheets.

Andrew silently moaned, she felt so good. Her hands gripped his shoulders, digging in as he fucked her, harder and faster. He wished he could cry her name as he came, but he settled for kissing her, hard, as his hot seed spilled into her, his cock coming inside her, violently.

She smiled as he came, jerking inside her, his thrusts erratic, she shuddered around him, her climax almost near enough for her to grasp. She ground herself into him, head thrown back, her whole body trembling. Kara’s climax was tremendous, crashing through her and over her, rolling her with the force of it. Finally Andrew collapsed on top of her, silent, exhausted. The quiet only lasted a few moments.

With haste they both got up, Kara went into the bathroom, cleaned up and pulled back on her clothing. As she slipped into her shoes he got back into bed.

“Hey Doc?” He asked as she was about to leave.

“Yes Mr. Dakos?” Her tone professional.

“Next time bring snacks.”

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