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Confess Witch XXXX posted - Erotic Interlude
October 16th, 2011
03:01 pm


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Confess Witch XXXX posted
Title: No Confession
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1807
Warnings: BOY/GIRL , Masturbation, hate love relationship
Synopsis: A witch hunter is having an affair with the witch he is trying to condemn

Arabella stood naked in the fire light. Her full figured pale body bouncing light back into the darkness of the room. Her long chestnut hair spilled down over her round, heavy breasts and her green eyes searched the shadows of the room trying to find Eli. He always did this. Had her stand naked on the fur rug and then just watched her until his shame wasn’t as important as his lust for her body.

“Eli, come to me lover.” Her voice was a little rough, like the palms of her hands.

Life was hard and while under her stiff starched clothes her skin was soft, the lye of the soap making and days of hard labor had given her hands calluses and her face more lines than it should have had. If they had stayed in England, at only 18, she’d have been pampered and spoiled, living as a member of the le bon ton, preparing for her first season in London.

Arabella smiled, or at least that’s how she’d day dreamed her life would be. She knew her mother’s family had been wealthy and popular in society, but then her mother had gone and married dad. And they’d come to America to live in one of the colonies. There they had given birth to Arabella and her two ungrateful brothers. Arabella hated living as a Puritan; something in her just could not conform to their way of life. There were long Sundays in Church and even longer week days doing chores. Not to mention the dreaded Saturday evenings where she sat in the parlor under her father’s watchful eye as Nathan, the Butcher’s son, courted her.

“I am here Arabella, turn around.” He spoke slowly, like he had to swallow the lump of guilt in his throat after every word. She turned, showing him the sweet curve of her bottom and the long line of her legs, her spine was hidden, like her breasts, by the unbound furious curls of her hair.

All her boredom had changed the day Honor had moved to town, however. She had been a widow at 21 and a seamstress without compare. Every woman in the village had wanted her hand made pieces, allowing just a inkling of vanity into their wardrobes. She and Bella had become good friends. Honor had taught her how to heal with herbs and about the animals that lived in the forests. They had snuck out at night to gather wild vegetables and plants to dye Honor’s muslin. And then the rumors started.

Honor was accused of having an affair with Goodwife Lowes husband. She hadn’t, Honor couldn’t think of touching any man but her dead husband. Arabella had tried to come to her defense; it had only served to back fire.

“Lie down Bella, spread your legs for me.” Again the soft voice came from a corner of the room Arabella could not see into. But she did it, perverse pleasure running through her system. Nipples hardening as the fur brushed her naked skin and the fire’s heat touched her womanhood.

A child had gotten sick, isn’t that always the way it goes, and Honor was blamed for it. Soon accusations were filed against Arabella as well. Disease, poverty, anything that could go bad both girls were charged with. Arabella had thought it funny at first; could people really believe she and Honor were the devils harlots? Using black magic to kill cows and make Goodwife Pearson ruin her best Sunday shoes? If she’d really had powers she would have used them to escape her dreary existence

“I want to watch you touch yourself.”

Arabella nodded, hands slowing moving over her stomach, down into the coarse hair that protected her cunt. Her fingers slipped into her wet folds and she moved her legs wider, bending them at the knees. She rubbed herself, moaning deep in her throat. This was Eli’s fault, that she was now obsessed with pleasure and the pure sensations sex gave. She lifted her hips in time with the ecstasy that rippled through her body, feeling her cunt become wet and slippery.

Bliss began to build inside of her, she kept moving her fingers around the sensitive nub at her core, knowing that if she stopped before Eli said so he’d be unhappy with her and take his guilt and frustration out on her back side. Biting her lip she closed her eyes as her orgasm came upon her, suddenly. She cried out, one hand gripping the rug as her hips bucked up, fingers sliding deep into her pussy, flicking over her hot skin, making her climax drawn out and longer than normal. As she came back down from the high of her orgasm, her whole body was trembling and covered with sweat.

“You really are a witch Bella.” Eli sounded angry and he was. But there was nothing Bella could do about his anger; it was at himself, not her.

The town had hired a witch hunter three months ago. Hoping he would be able to convince the girls to either confess to their witchcraft or find them guilty and approve punishment. When Arabella had met the witch hunter the attraction had been automatic. Eli was young and handsome; he had looked upon Arabella and not been able to believe she was a witch. She was adolescent, beautiful and a good daughter. Aside from her poor taste in friends he could not see how they were charging her as a witch.

After a harsh session with Honor she confessed to being in league with Satan. Eli had her branded, she was allowed to gather what she could carry and was escorted out of the town. As Eli watched Arabella cry and beg her friend to deny the confession all he could think about was fucking the girl. He’d spent two days in prayer hoping to be able to stay off the temptation.

“One day I will find proof you are a witch, or you will confess to me.” Eli said, coming to kneel next to Bella, he was naked and the evidence of his desire was plain. His shaft was hard and thick, pressing into Arabella’s side as he leaned over her, touching her everywhere, his fingers leaving fervid trails of rapture in their wake. He squeezed her nipples, causing her to choke as his mouth worked its way over her neck, biting and sucking her tender skin. She reached up, gripping him to her.

“Please Eli, I want you.” She whispered against his blonde hair. He was shuddering in her embrace, trying to fight how much he wanted to bury his cock inside the blazing folds of her cunt.

During their first session he checked every inch of her for the mark of the devil, as he had done with Honor. It had failed; her skin had been smooth, creamy and beautiful. Not being able to control himself he had made love to Arabella with a passion that frightened them both, ripping through her virginity with no thoughts of the future, children or anything aside from the fact that he had to have her. Arabella had been afraid but the feelings that he awoke in her, the ones that washed over them both has he pounded inside her were too intense to ignore.

Those feelings were why she was still alive. As long as he was addicted to her she was safe. Arabella grew up very quickly in a few moments, learning to use her sexuality against Eli. She cared for him a great deal; they usually spoke in hushed tones for hours after their fornication. But in the end she knew he was ruled by his God and the people in her hell hole town.

Eli rolled on top of her, stealing her mouth and kissing her, his mouth raping hers as she arched into him, rubbing against him, creating soft little purring sounds. Each brush of his tongue against hers, made her quiver with elation.

He thrust into her, so large and strong she cried out from the little pain he always caused. He was still on top of her chest for a few moments and then he began to move inside her. He craved her like he did food and water, he had to have her, all the time. He thought about her no matter what he was doing.

He drove into her over and over again, not caring if her hurt her, eyes focused on her face, watching as with every pound her eye lids fluttered and her mouth curved upwards. She met him stroke for stroke, wrapping her legs around his waist, pulling him deeper within her, so far he felt as if they became one.

He felt his climax approaching and sped up, ramming himself against her, causing small gasps to issue from Bella’s throat. His balls ached with the need of his release. Almost yelling out he came, his engorged member felt like it exploded as wave after wave of thrill and delight poured through him.

As always Bella came with him, she spasmed, locking him to her, back bowing from the intensity of her orgasm, hips undulating as ferocious delight wracked her whole body.

They quieted, both breathing hard, arms wrapped around each other, the only other sound the flames eating the oak limbs in the fire place. But the peace was not to last.

“The guards will be coming for you soon. Confess to me Arabella and I can help save your soul.” The words were like ice water dousing her. She scrambled away from him, darting into the darkness where she’d left her clothes.

“I am no witch Eli.” Seeing a few coins on the table next to her, she palmed them without his seeing.

“Then you will be here again tomorrow. I will get the truth from you witch.” Eli stood, shaking in self hatred.

“You’ve already had the truth.” Arabella dressed, knowing he had moved closer to watch her. Soon she’d have enough saved to make an escape, before sex with her stopped being enough to keep her alive, or someone caught them.

“Your kind only speaks lies.” Eli came up behind her and kissed the back of her neck,. Before he could rouse himself into a second round she turned and put up her wrists. She couldn’t bare being with my again, not tonight.

“The shackles please Eli.”

Eli dressed, bound her wrists and kissed her. He called for the guards and sitting at his table he began to read his bible and beg for forgiveness as they came and took Arabella away.

He did not see the lustful way one of the guards looked at her, and a week later never questioned how she had come to get the key to her cell and escape.

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