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Afternoon Delight - Erotic Interlude
April 24th, 2012
09:49 am


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Afternoon Delight
Title: Afternoon Delight
Rating- NC-17
Word count:986
Author: me, of course
Summary: When Hallie became Galen's maid, little did she know what would be expected of her

“How long have you worked for me now Hallie?” Galen asked, licking his lips looking at his maid.
“Two years sir.” She responded, nervously. Galen was the master of the house and had generously offered her a job when she’d been penniless, moments from starvation.
“And have you enjoyed your employment so far?” He stood up from his desk, pulling his crisp white button up shirt from where it was tucked into his pants.
Hallie nodded again, knowing where this was going. She had heard from several of the other maids that Master Galen enjoyed fucking his single female servants. They didn’t complain. Master Galen was a handsome man in his thirties with auburn hair and blue eyes. Most of the female staff giggled behind his backs and drew straws as to who would clean his private chambers. Today, however, Hallie has been called, specifically, to bring him his lunch. The other maids told her it was because she’d had her 18th birthday the week before, plus they had heard him saying she had beautiful blonde hair earlier that week.
“Do you find me a handsome man? A good master?” He asked, coming closer, his hand reaching out and cupping her chin, stroking her face.
“Of course!” She exclaimed, nervous and trembling. She knew if she didn’t please him he’d toss her out on the street, and where would she go? A poor house? A brothel? He smiled and unbuttoned his pants, took off his belt and stood in front of her, eyes filled with desire.
“I’m glad. I try to give my staff the very best in life, you are well fed, clothed, clean, everything you could want or need is provided for you, yes?” Galen watched the way her breasts were heaving under her yellow shift, her pale skin flushing from her neck to her cheeks, lips parted, she was breathing fast. He felt his cock begin to swell and grow heavy as he thought about her lips around his shaft.
“Yes, no one complains, I love it here.” Hallie admitted, and she did.
“Good, I assume then the others have told you what I require?” He reached out and turned her around, untying the shift and letting it drop so that she stood in her plain brown dress. He slowly un did the buttons, exposing her soft flesh to his gaze, once her gown had pooled at her feet he allowed her to turn back around.
“The girls, they say you will want to have me.” She stuttered. He smiled again, unlacing her corset so her breasts spilled into his hands, they were large and perfect. He rolled her nipples with his fingers and she gasped as they tightened and she felt warmth gathering between her thighs at the sensations he was giving her.
“Eventually I will fuck you Hallie, but by that time you will know my body and I will know yours so that you enjoy yourself. I am not going to rape you; you will come to my bed willingly.” He leaned in and kissed her gently.
“Then what do you want me to do?” She asked, confused.
“You are going to suck my dick.” He pushed her down on her knees and reached into his pants bringing out his half way erect penis. She stared at it.
“Sir, it’s so big, I couldn’t possibly fit it in my mouth,” She never took her eyes off him as she brought her hands up to cup him. He sucked in a breath at the feel of her work roughened hands on his soft skin, he enjoyed it.
“You will.” It was an order and Hallie knew she had better obey. Hallie leaned forward and kissed the head of her master’s cock and then gradually let it slide into her mouth, encasing it in her warm wetness while Galen shivered above her. Hallie let her tongue move around Galen, licking him, swallowing him deep into her mouth, taking him as far back into her throat as she could. Galen’s hands found her hair and he dug his fingers into her scalp, forcing himself not to thrust and choke her.
“Look up at me Hallie.” He demanded, even more aroused as he stared into her green eyes, her pupils dilating as going down on him turned her on as well.
Hallie’s throat convulsed around Galen’s shaft, her own salvia dripping down the length of him, she fisted him and began to pump him in time to her sucking him. She drew back, almost allowing him to fall from her mouth and then took him back in again with such force Galen threw his head back, closing his eyes. She repeated this, faster and faster. Galen began to push into her like he would her cunt. She made small noises, trying to get air as he mouth fucked her. Galen could feel the tension building in his balls, the tightening sensation as his climax rose to the surface. Her mouth around him, tongue lapping him, hands stroking him, and the erotic sounds she made as his dick slid between her lips all made him want to spill his seed in her. Just as he was about to come he pulled out, gushing all over her firm white breasts, his breathing labored he enjoyed the look of shock on her face as his hot cum splashed onto her skin. He groaned with the power of his release and gripped her shoulders to steady himself.
Embarrassed, and a little turned on Hallie looked up into her master’s eyes, “is that all? Can I go?” She watched with something akin to horror and want as he shook his head no. He kneeled down next to her and place a hand between her thighs, finding her moist and tempting cunt.
“No, now it’s your turn.”
She almost fainted from pleasure as his fingers found their way inside her.

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