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Happy Thanksgiving. Here's a new Erotica - Erotic Interlude
November 24th, 2011
04:56 pm


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Happy Thanksgiving. Here's a new Erotica
So this is a little depressing because my holiday sucks. But it's still hot.
Title: It's Called Break up Because.....
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: BOY/GIRL, oral, vanilla
Word Count:1139
Summary: Mace cannot believe that Sadie wants to break up with him.

“You’re breaking up with me?” Mace was beside himself. There was no way Sadie would break up with him. Especially not now, it was Halloween for Goddess sake.

Mace was dressed like Romeo, well a gothed out Romeo, including a rather vicious stab wound through his Stabbing Westward t-shirt. Sadie was beautiful as Juliet, ripped fishnets and tiny black jean shorts with a black lace corset, her ebony locks pulled into a tight ponytail. She even had green tinted skin and a poison bottle shaped purse.

“I’m sorry Mace. But I just don’t think you’re what I’m looking for right now.” She looked so sad, brown eyes brimming with tears. Mace could almost believe that she actually was sorry to dump him after the great party they’d been to.

Standing in his living room Mace shoved his hands deep into his black leather pant pockets and looked and the floor.

“No way…. I finally… finally…” He stuttered, naturally when it might matter most the words stuck in his throat.

“I know, too little to late though” her words didn’t sound hurtful or cruel, just definite.

“We’re perfect together Sadie; you’ve said it yourself… Like a hundred times. Totally perfect.” Mace was struggling to give her something, anything to stop what was happening.

“We are perfect Mace, in almost every aspect but one. I’ve been trying Mace. You’re just not giving me enough.”

She took a few steps towards him, arms coming up around him Sadie held Mace to her. He smelled of sandalwood and after shave. Toxic, yet alluring, she dipped her head breathing him in and kissed his neck. He shuddered in her arms, limp against her, so sad…. She loved him; she didn’t want to leave him sad.

“What are you….” He asked, she cut him off before he could finish the sentence.

“Touching you. I’ll always want to touch you Mace.” Her lips traced along his jaw bone until she reached his ear, her tongue snaked out and licked his lobe before her warm breathe tingled across the flesh of his inner ear. He shuddered, cock twitching inside his pants, arousal beginning to flood through him.

Sadie brushed soft kisses across his cheeks, forehead and tip of his nose, he tried to contain the smile, this was break up sex, he knew it, hated it….But couldn’t stop it. She reached his lips and bit, gently, his lower one. Kissing him, tongue darting inside of his mouth, drawing out his tongue for her to suck, slightly. She moved her hands up, touching his chest, arms and shoulders through his shirt. He groaned into her mouth, nipples tightening, his erection starting to throb for want of contact.

Her hands traveled down to his pants; with expertise she undid the button and then the zipper, exposing him to the cold air. Her mouth never left his, like she was ravenous for his kiss, as her hands circled his shaft, stroking him. Her fingers ran up and down his length, touching the head, the base, his balls, everywhere. Mace was hard, rocking in motion to her hand’s actions.

He was afraid she’d stop if he touched her, but he had to. His arms came up and wrapped around her, trying to keep her with him as long as possibly, crushing her against him. She sighed into his mouth and he loved it. His mind was swamped with other memories of their love making; him forcing her against the wall, fucking her from behind, her mouth around his cock a thousand hot and awesome recollections.

Sadie let go of his dick and led him to the couch. He stood in silence as she got naked from the waist down, she lie back against the pumpkin colored cushions and spread her legs. He just stared for a moment at her soft, naked cunt, already wet for him, violet colored and perfect.
Getting on his knees he knelt between her thighs and put his mouth on her, He licked her tenderly, slowly, driving her to the brink of her orgasm. His cock was pressed into the couch, pressure building in his balls he took as much of her into his mouth as he could, laving her, mouth fucking her, faster and faster until she bucked against him. She almost broke his nose as she came, tumbling in the abyss of her climax.

Soaking wet and shaking Sadie grabbed his shoulders so that Mace was poised above her. She loved that he smelled like her, it was something she enjoyed with him or any many, really. She reached down and gripped his cock, heated velvet in her hand and led him to her opening.

“Fuck me Mace.” Her voice was thick from her earlier orgasm.

Mace felt her legs wrap around him, straddling him as he pushed into her, he sucked in a breath as her walls clenched around him, feverish and sopping. She reached up, burying her hand in his hair, forcing him down for another kiss as he rocked and moved inside her. His cock penetrated her deep, filling her up with each jerk, and each slap of his hips against hers.

She moved in perfect rhythm, lifting her hips, so that each time he thrust into her his length passed over a sensitive spot, she could feel the wash of her next climax begin to spill through her. Mace felt his balls tighten, the need to release inside of her making his back teeth ache.

Sadie closed her eyes and threw her head back as she came, spasming under Mace. Her sudden sporadic convulsions forced him to cum with her. He seized while deep in her pussy, his fluids flowing from him in an intense rush, her nails biting into the skin of his shoulders.
Sadie unwrapped her legs from around his waist and hugged him. She could feel water welling in her eyes even as drops of hot liquid spilled onto her chest from Mace.

“I have to go.”

“Please don’t.” Mace wanted to beg, but all he could muster was one desperate plea.

“It’s over Mace. I love you but I can’t be with you anymore.”

“That doesn’t make any sense!” He exclaimed, hands on either side of her face, making her stay, making her look at him.

“You’ll never love me like I need you to.” Truth rang with her statement.

“I just told you….” He trailed off as she placed fingers against his lips.

“No more Mace.”

Sadie pushed him off of her and reluctantly stood and got dressed. She didn’t even slow to clean up, to wipe his semen from her cunt or thighs. If she stayed any longer her revolve would fade and she wouldn’t be able to go. It hurt too much.

She left Mace, naked on his couch, and walked out the door.

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