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A school fantasy - Erotic Interlude
November 5th, 2011
08:36 pm


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A school fantasy
Title: Extra Credit of the Carnal Kind
Rating: NC-17
Warning: B/G with a teeny tiny hint of f/f at the end
Word Count:1552
Summary: This was a request from Chris. It is his school teacher fantasy put into my deliciously hot words.

Kristov walked into Ms. Castillo’s class room at a quarter after four just like she had instructed him to. He was a little nervous, but mainly because 1) she was his hottest teacher and 2) if she didn’t help him improve his grade then he was not going to be able to go on the band trip to San Francisco next month.
Kristov had been playing the French horn in band for four years now; there was no way his D in History was going to keep him from his biggest competition Senior year. That day in class she’d pulled him aside and told him she had some extra credit he could do for her after school that day.

“Ms. Castillo?” He called out. The room was darker than normal, while she usually kept the blinds down in the afternoon; the lights were always blazing, bright fluorescent.

“Oh, Kristov,” He heard her voice, with the faint tinge of her Spanish accent. It was coming from the closet in the back, the door opened and he shielded his eyes from the light inside, his pupils already used to the darkness of the rest of the room.

“Grab the light will you?” She shut the door as he fumbled for the switch on the wall next to him.
“Sorry if I startled you, I was organizing that mess in there.” She smiled at him from across the room and Kristov breath hitched in his throat.

Ms. Castillo was a tall and supple woman in her late twenties, all the boys in their school wanted to fuck her, he often heard his band mates whispering rumors about how she liked to take the occasional student lover. But like most high school gossip he knew it was crap. Dreamed up by horny guys who would never see the inside of her desk let alone her shirt.

She had raven curls that were usually pulled into a severe bun at the base of her neck, Kristov swallowed hard as he saw her hair was down, flowing around her shoulders. Her skin was caramel colored, with eyes acorn brown.

“Well come in all the way, or did you change your mind about the trip?” There was laughter and something else in her voice as she teased him.

Dropping his back pack and French horn case on a desk near the door he came all the way in, so he was standing in front of her desk, sweating a little, the atmosphere in the room was different than normal. Kristov couldn’t tell if it was just nerves or maybe even the fact that he’d never been alone with the woman who spurred several of his nastiest fantasies.

She was sitting behind her desk now; she looked more relaxed than he normally saw her. Aside from her hair she’d kicked off the boots she always wore and he saw her toes were painted bright orange. Her legs crossed he also viewed the dusky length of her leg, almost past her knee. Kristov felt parts of himself he’d rather were invisible start to take notice. His eyes roamed up over her deep red blouse, which he now realized was unbuttoned revealing a black think camisole underneath.

“I really need to bring my grade up Ms. Castillo, I cannot miss this trip.” He heard himself mutter hoarsely, running a hand through his dark blonde hair he hoped she wasn’t noticing how the front of his pants were really tight across his growing erection.

“Yes I know Kristov, and I think I have the extra credit you’ll need to bring your grade up to, let’s say an 80 percent, depending on how well you do.” Her eyes locked with his blue ones as she licked her lips, he felt his cock twitch, just thinking about her mouth.

Standing, Ms. Castillo came around the front of her desk, before he could move or say anything she had run her finger nails down the front of him, over his dick, causing him to swell and harden even farther.

“A B? That’s more than I expected.” Kristov choked out, eyes bugging, this had to be a dream, his teacher could NOT be seducing him.

“For certain students, especially ones as bright and handsome as you are Kristov I offer special credit, which will keep your grade at a solid b for the rest of the year.” She practically purred the words, a hand snaking out and wrapping around the back of his neck, she pulled him to her, her breasts pressed into his cotton t-shirt. He could feel her heat against him.

Lips connecting his teacher pressed him against her desk, one hand buried in his hair the other working him through his jeans. He moaned into her mouth, loving the taste of her red lipstick, enjoying how her tongue swept in, like she was fucking his mouth. She was in total control and Kristov could not believe his luck. She broke off the kiss.

“So, are you...in… so to speak?” The words were whispered against his mouth, her hand left his hair, so both of them could release him for the constraints of his pants, and once her flesh touched his he could barely think let alone answer her. He nodded quickly, afraid that if he waited too long she’d stop touching him. Her hand was fisted around his cock, jerking him in a rhythm he thought would make him cum in just a few seconds.

“Good, I love a good student Kristov.” Pushing his pants down around his ankles she shoved him onto the desk and straddled him, his hands came up to grip her waist, afraid of touching her anywhere else, less she be angry with him.

He was pleasantly surprised to find she was naked under her skirt, which made him even harder, made his erection almost painful as his flesh stretched and ached to be inside her cunt. Sure he’d fucked his high school girlfriend last year once or twice, but this was…..amazing…no comparison. If Alison had put out like this maybe he’d have kept his interest over summer.

Her cunt was wet and smooth, soft against his feverish length. She leaned down, mouth attacking his again, he met her tongue with his own and felt satisfaction as she moaned his name before all other thoughts left him. She reached down and guided him into her. The noise she made, a breathy sound, made him jerk straight up.

God, her cunt feels good. He thought as she began to ride him, tight, moist and fluid, slick with pleasure and need.

She pinned his arms above his head, grinding herself against him, skin against skin,. He bucked against her, straining for every drop of gratification.

“Do not touch me, just watch.” She hissed the words and his eyes followed her every movement. She lifted her skirt so he could watch her touch her glistening pussy as she fucked him. Her fingers slid around her clit in circular motion. She threw her head back, mouth open as she caressed herself and forced him even deeper inside her.

Kristov was close, his shaft was so engorged with the sight and feel of her, he knew he wouldn’t be able to last much longer as his skinny hips lifted in time to her rocking movements. The sensations coursing through him were intense and sizzling. The feel of her enveloping him was better than alcohol or even marijuana, and more addicting.

Suddenly she arched her back and began to convulse, she leaned forwards, shoving her fingers into his mouth, “suck me” she ordered and he did, licking every drop of her essence from her skin. She climaxed even harder, inflamed by their love making, she clenched around him, urging him to cum with her as another orgasm ripped through her.

And cum Kristov did, better and harder than ever before in his life. His climax was piercing and almost life draining as he spilled himself into her waiting body. The rapture of being inside her caused him to quake against her, shivering as he came down from the high that her pussy had given him.
She collapsed, heavily breathing, on his chest. He wrapped his arms around her and felt her lips turn upwards as she kissed his neck.

It did not take long for them both to clean up and get dressed. Kristov was still a little in shock over what had just happened.

“Now I don’t need to tell you, this is just between us. I hear even one rumor and the sex will stop and your grade will fall, is that understood.” Her words were harsh, but her eyes were sparkling. She knew just as he did that he’d do anything she asked as long as he got another chance to be with her again.

“Go home Kristov, I’ll let you know when you’ll have another opportunity for extra credit.” She sat down behind her desk and brought out papers to grade.

Kristov grabbed his bag and opened the door, as he stepped outside into the dim sunlight he almost ran into Maureen Thompson, another senior. She smiled and passed him, in a hurry.

As she opened the door he heard Ms. Castillo say, “good Maureen, right on time for your extra credit.”

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