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Vampire Drama - Erotic Interlude
October 25th, 2011
03:29 pm


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Vampire Drama
Title: I Don't Want You Anymore
Rating: NC-17
Word count:2061
Warning: boy/girl
Summary: What happens when two vampire ditch their unhealthy other relationships and hook up? Find out here!

“I told you we’d find them here.” Karima’s voice was frigid and cold, just like she was. Tanwen glanced up from the couch to stare at the vampiress who might have been her rival. She was short and slender with ice blue eyes, platinum hair and skin that sparkled like snow.
The vampire standing next to her was not someone usually in Karima’s circle of friends. Jedrik, Tanwen’s ex mate. Though he mimicked Karima in looks they could not be farther apart. His eyes were like the sky and his hair, though curly was more golden than white and his skin, skin Tanwen knew every inch of was, the color of clouds on a sunny day.

“I know you did, I’m surprised we found them so easily.” Jedrik’s voice stirred things deep within Tanwen, things she’d rather forget. She tightened her grip on Anil’s hand, her current mate, who was sitting, very still next to her.

She was afraid what Karima and Jedrik would do. Granted she could fight back just as hard and nasty as they could, but their gifts were differently designed than hers and Anil’s. Vampires were divided into four groups; sex, magic, knowledge and emotions. Each of the vampires in the room currently came from a different nest, each with a different power.

“I think you should both leave, we were not hiding from you, but we’d rather you left us alone.” Anil spoke gently, as was his way always, something Tanwen loved about him. She glanced over at him, his black hair falling softly over just one of his moss green eyes, skin white and smooth like marble.

They stood up, a show of force against the vampires blocking the door. They’d rented this house in Alaska for solitude, to be together and away from each of their horrid and dramatic pasts, and the vampires that had caused each of them hurt and pain.

“I think not.” Karima spat out the words, sounding hateful, like always, “did you think I’d let you leave me there flat?” She grinned, an evil sight, fangs glistening off the artificial light flooding the room. Her eyes took on a red tinge as she cocked her head while looking at Anil. She’d bitten him many times in the course of their partnership, giving her power over him.

Emotions and memories swamped him, their handfasting; the years spent together, the guilt of their parting, love, hate, loss and fear. Fear of being alone, fear of not having made the right decisions. Head in his hands, Anil lowered himself to the couch, ruby colored tears dripping down his face as he was wracked with the guilt of leaving her.

Tanwen turned to comfort him to bring him solace and rip him from the memories and emotions. Before she could Jedrik was at her side, in one blink of an eye he had a finger wrapped around her blue black curls, jerking her head back.

“Chocolate eyes, so delicious looking,” he murmured, his other hand trailing a cooling path down her porcelain skin, leaving goose bumps in his wake.

With just his touch she closed her eyes, mouth parting as sensations pounded through her. His hands on her breasts, her hips, pushing themselves inside her cunt. Jedrik making her come, making her scream for him. His lips on her mouth, plundering her, on her pussy, sucking and licking her until she came, gushing everywhere from the force of her orgasm. Memories of them fucking, of his cock pressed deep inside her, thrusting into her, claiming her as his. His taste, his scent all over, she couldn’t even breathe from the sensory over load.
But then something happened, something changed a new sensation swept over her.

She could smell Anil; feel his fangs as they brushed the back of her neck, his mouth on hers, his lithe body pressed against hers. That’s what she wanted, what she now craved, not always the hard raping friction that Jedrik had given her.

Tanwen’s eyes popped open to see Jedrik inches from her, his mouth working hers, his hands squeezing her ass. She didn’t want this not anymore. Delving into her own power she drew on her magic, heating her skin until it felt like fire. Jedrik swore and jumped back from her, blowing on his fingers.

“Dammit Tanwen, you bitch.” Jedrik growled.

“I do not want you Jedrik. Take your whore and go.” Her voice trembled as she muttered words she should have said long ago.

“You have no power here. If you do not leave I will set you aflame.” The threat was in earnest and Jedrik’s fear flashed in his eyes. He barely looked at Karima as he turned and ran out the door.

Tanwen spun around to see Karima with her hands on Anil as she murmured words of frozen love and hate in his ear. Tanwen threw herself at Anil’s feet and grabbed his hands.

“Fight back beloved,” she whispered, “all you have to do is remember that I am here. That I love you, that I’m with you.” She was in tears, panic making her teeth ache and her stomach twist. Maybe Anil would decide to go back to Oregon with Karima. Maybe he would decide his life would be easier if he just let things stay the way he always had, rising each night under Karima’s power, feeding when she said to, going where she wanted him to.

“You can never give him what I can trollup.” Karima hissed, eyes flashing with triumph.

“I give him more than you could.” Tanwen smiled through her sadness, prying Anil’s hands off his face, she did the one thing she never had.

She pushed his head to the side and bit him. As her teeth sunk into his flesh she heard Karima screech and felt Anil shudder beneath her. His blood rushed into her mouth, hot, copper and woodsy, the perfect blend. She drank him, feeling him pull her to his chest, arms wrapped tightly around her he groaned, hands climbing up her back to bury in her hair. After a few more swallows Anil pulled away, Tanwen licked his wounds, closing them, enjoying her marks on his body.

“I’m too smart for this shit.” He laughed, throwing as much knowledge as he possibly could into Karima’s mind. He bombarded her with lines from poems, quotes from his favorite books, statistics, human and vampire politics, anything he could think of. Finally she was the one sobbing, head in her hands, backing out of the room, promising to leave them alone.

When she was gone Anil turned to Tanwen, lust filling his eyes.
“Come here woman,” he growled.

She went to him, like the desert soaking up water. He grabbed her around the waist and slammed her into the nearest wall, grinding his hips against her flesh, his mouth against hers, searing her with his heated lips as his luke-warm hands tore at her clothing.

“Say yes Tanwen, tell me your mine,” Anil rumbled, his body pinning hers. His erection was hard and thick against her stomach, showing her how much he wanted her.

“Yes Anil…Yes,” Tanwen whispered, lips tracing his chin, licking the skin of his neck.

“Tell me…Tell me your mine,” Anil’s voice was deep, passion and hunger lacing each word.

“I’m yours,” Tanwen moaned as Anil’s fangs sank deep into her throat. She cried out, arching beneath him, her body swamped in pleasure, her breasts full and aching as he bled her, drinking her up.

Anil ‘s hands shredded her top and bra, exposing her creamy breasts to his touch, he rolled her nipples between his fingers, he smiled and he withdrew his fangs, closing the wound with a swipe of his tongue. He felt her shiver under him.

“I want you,” he told her, his eyes casting a red glow on her face. She smiled at him and nodded. Within seconds they were both naked, still standing, panting, against the wall.

Anil began to kiss a hot path from her chin to her navel. He licked around Tanwen’s navel, causing tiny shivers to spiral through her. His lips were feverish as they slid over her hips and thighs. His hands parted her, spreading her wide.

Kneeling Anil kissed Tanwen between her thighs, lips feathering around the entrance to her womanhood, causing her to shudder. Tanwen groaned and heard him chuckle, she draped a leg over his shoulder giving him better access to her, while her fingers dug into the dry wall behind her. His tongue snaked out and began to lick the throbbing bunch of nerves hidden by her nether lips
Tanwen’s hips jumped and he grunted, his lips surrounding that nub and sucking it. She squirmed, wanting to get away and wanting more. He suckled her, getting the most out of the little ball of pleasure. Tanwen felt something in her rise up; it felt like something hot was boiling deep in her womb. But before she could explore the sensation his lips were gone, his tongue invading her, diving inside her, scalding and moist.

Tanwen gasped as his fingers replaced his tongue; he rubbed them against a spot inside deep inside, making her moan. Tanwen rolled her hips, eyes closed.

“Anil,” she moaned, “please,” she wanted him in her, fucking her.

“You are more than ready for me Tanwen,” he said against her, his hot breath making the pleasure even more intense, his fingers kept working her, rubbing the same spot; Tanwen felt him bite the skin on her inner thigh and she cried out softly.

“Does it feel good?” he asked, huskily, kissing the little nub again, his tongue darting out and caressing it, his fingers in her, making her juices flow freely and quickly. Tanwen could feel a burning desperation start as she clenched around him

“It…feels…wonderful…” she panted, quivering, suddenly her back arched and her whole body seized. Tanwen came, thrashing against him, her body raked in satisfaction.

He withdrew his fingers from her and stood, arms encasing her. He kissed her and Tanwen sighed, tasting herself on him. He gripped her hips and lifted them around his waist; she locked her ankles behind his back, hands gripping his neck in anticipation.
“You’re mine,” he told her and at the same time his shaft plunged into her. Tanwen screamed, the sound blocked as she hid her face in his neck. His skin smelled like sex and sweat, and tasted salty.

She bit him, feeling his blood rush across her tongue. Anil sighed and his sounds of delight filled her ears as he began to move inside her. He slid out and pushed right back in, forcing himself into her like he owned her, like she was his. She took another healthy swallow of his life force and broke away from him, pushing her head back, hitting the wall as he penetrated her.

Intense feelings began to build inside them both. Tanwen met his assault on her body, moving her hips in time with his. Her nails buried themselves in his back as he ravished her, every movement frenzied and all consuming; her cunt was slippery and aching for release.
She felt him beating at her cervix and cried out, gratification and pain shooting up her spine. They both needed to come, needed sweet release more than they need blood or each other.

“Tanwen,” he moaned, jerking into her, filling her up. She could feel his breath against the skin of her breasts.

Tanwen bowed away from him, her pussy tightening around and begged him to finish. But still he did not stop.
His rhythm became sporadic.

“I’m…coming….Tanwen…I’m,” he grunted and plunged into her again, harder than before, causing her climax to be ripped out of her, making Tanwen orgasm, it was wanton, powerful and thrilling. She squeezed him as he came, her cunt like a vice, milking him.

Frantically his fingers dug into her sides as he climaxed within her. She writhed beneath him, both of them riding the waves of their orgasms as long as they could and then they were still. Anil managed to make it to the couch before dropping them both on to it. He moved so he could cuddle her properly, lips caressing her cheek. The sun rose as they lay there and together they fell into their death like sleep.

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